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Carp Fishing Holidays

Carp Fishing Holidays

Andrew Edwards with a 53lb 4oz French Common caught on a Polegate Trip

Carp Fishing, in it's many forms, is now the most popular branch of our sport. From the Match Anglers fishing the ever increasing number of commercial fisheries to the Specimen Anglers who chase their larger quarry.
In pursuit of both larger specimens and the opportunity to fish lakes with the space and peacefullness demanded by the more committed Carp Anglers, many have taken to crossing the Channel to fish on the Continent.

In this section we hope to provide a unique service to our Specimen Carp Anglers. We aim to gather a library of venues, all with first hand information from our customers who have actually visited the waters. We also want to compile a diary of upcoming trips and enable anglers to join together, communicate with each other and organise trips with like minded individuals. Later on we may introduce a forum section for anglers to provide further details and enable discussion between our followers.
Andrew with a 50lb 70z carp from Etang de Pierre

Andrew with a 50lb 70z carp from Etang de Pierre

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First French Trip

The first of Polegate Angling's French carp fishing trips was held in April last year and was a huge success with plenty of fish caught including 4 x 50's and a 71lb common.

Polegate Angling Trips 2016

In August we are off to Etang De Pierre a 24 acre lake. The lake is in a public park right next to the River Mozelle. Last years trip saw 5 50s to different anglers out of 10 anglers, cannot see that happening every year but not a bad place to start. We have 10 places (only 10 anglers per week) with 8 already booked so 2 spare if you are interested.

We are looking at other venues as we go but our target is to keep the rods going with runs but the chance of a lump. We are going to keep the trips for local Polegate customers and trips that can relied on to offer a well chosen venue, friendly other party members and advise available when needed. If your interested get in touch.

Fishery Reviews

Please complete the Fishery Review Form below as fully as possible in order that we can add the information to our online database of carp waters.

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